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So..I’ve been quiet for several days. There’s a good reason for that though. Even though I know full well that I lack all the skills necessary to set everything up, architecture-wise, there are some things I can do, so…I started from scratch. A new domain and a fresh installation. I’ll steer clear of the things that got me in trouble with GoDaddy re: mucking with their servers, and focus on building the scaffolding. Here’s where things stand so far:

Of particular significance, I transferred the entire library over to this site, and have the initial “getting started” Quests in place that are designed to familiarize new players with the format, layout, structure and purpose of the thing. Here’s a screen shot of the latest. Click for larger image.

It doesn’t “do a lot” yet, but it will.


Mostly what I’ve been experimenting with is finding the boundaries of what I can develop without running afoul of GoDaddy’s hosting limitations. There are a lot of features I cannot add on yet, including events management for groups, fund raising at the Holon level, the entire eCommerce section and the membership levels, so this is only perhaps half of the needed functionality. It nonetheless gives me a number of important elements I can work on in those in-between times when I’m waiting on this or that client to shoot me the latest details of whatever assignment I’m doing. In short – it’s more than enough to play with.

Longer term, rather than going with a dedicated hosting platform, I’m seriously considering just becoming my OWN web host – building my own dedicated web server. That way, I’m not limited at all (the biggest issue I’m having now is that in order to run the various services that need to exist side-by-side, I’m exceeding my RAM allocation with the current host). It’s a stupid reason to be stymied, but at least one that’s relatively easy to fix.

Still, building the server and transferring the files to it isn’t exactly high on the priority list just now. What’s needed first is a) the land, and b) a place on the land to lay my head (and store said server). After I’ve got those things in-hand, and before beginning to build the prototypes, that’ll be the first priority.

Anyway, all that by way of explaining why things have been so quiet here of late. That’s a trend that will likely continue for a while, but I WILL keep this updated as often as I can. Still, if you wanna mess around with the work in progress, check it out. 🙂

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