Well, since the Farm deal crashed and burned at the eleventh hour, we decided to spend the rest of the month focused on the fundamentals. To that end, I bought myself a Kobalt 10″ Table Saw, which will be critical in terms of making basic pallet stuff, and a ginormous freezer. Never too early to start stockpiling for next winter, and the freezer is a pivotal part of that.

We have two groceries in town, Grant’s and Food City. We hit Grant’s on Saturday, which was the day we got the freezer, and we hit them both on Sunday. Making good use of the Food Saver to vacuum seal everything (takes up SOOOO much less space), we were able to put quite a stockkpile together already!
Top shelf: Plates and goodies I eat through the week
Second shelf: Cow (steaks, roasts, hamburger, etc.)
Third Shelf: Chicken
Bottom Shelf: Pig
Door: Frozen fruits and veggies (and, you know…ice cream)
Baskets: Misc. (three swordfish steaks, some chicken kabobs, etc.)










In other news, we’ve made a couple of fun videos as we’ve begun this year’s planting. Seedlings indoors for now, and we’re prepping the soil they’ll be transplanted into with “Dirt Smoothies.”

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