Practicing What We Preach

Okay, so since the land purchase got put on hold, I’m staying put for the short term, but I wanted to do SOMETHING Play the Planet related.  To that end, one of the early Quests in the game is “Green Thumb,” and its big brother, “Home Grown,” which sees the player growing an increasing percentage of their own food.

This was not a project I wanted to spend a ton of money on (still renting, so the overriding goal is to keep saving for the land), so we turned it into a kind of game.  Repurpose as much stuff as we could find just lying about the property.

To that end, we built a raised bed using some old bricks that were just sitting up against the farm house.

Deer and rabbits are a problem here, so we wanted the garden area to be limited to the front porch and whatever we could enclose without building a more permanent structure like a greenhouse.

We had some unused Hex-Pin fencing lying about from the Cattary build, so that became our garden fence.

Also from the Cattary build were two dowels, which became shelf rods, and the other half of the board we didn’t use when we built the Cattary drawbridge, which became a shelf for a little extra growing space, and we lined the raised bed with cardboard from the box that the Hex-Pin fencing came in, so less stuff for the garbage collector to pick up on Wednesday morning.

Our micro-garden’s size then, was bounded by whatever we could surround with the fencing.

Here, we got a bit creative, and by building it right against the side of the house, we were able to make what fencing we had go a little farther than it otherwise would have.

We picked up some seeds, but our biggest single expenditure was on dirt.  Again – renting, so didn’t want to go digging up the landlady’s yard.

We started our seedlings inside, and as they began to sprout, replanted a few things outdoors.  Still waiting on the tomatoes, peppers, and some of the squash, zucchini, and cucumber, but the beans came up like lightning, and some of the squash, zucchini and cucumbers were ready enough to be transplanted.

So…we spent the afternoon building.  No firm plan in mind…just the general idea, bound by the conditions set by the size of the enclosure itself.

After a day spent playing in the dirt, here are the early results.  I’ll post an update in a few weeks as our seedlings (hopefully) become a riot of green, growing things that takes up the little enclosure and much of the porch.  For now, here’s an early look at what we cobbled together, using mostly stuff lying around the house (dirt, seeds, and the blue and red dollar-store pots notwithstanding).

The shelf is rather ingenious, by the way.

It wasn’t stable enough on its own, so Jennifer drilled holes in the board, on either side of both dowels, and we affixed it more firmly in place with zip ties, then a couple more to zip tie the dowels to the fence itself.  Shelf’s definitely not going anywhere now!

And PS to Solver:  Jennifer says she’s coming to Stockholm to spend weekends at your house…it’s suddenly not very restful here! 😉


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