My Year Of Eating Like The World Ended Report 9 – Houston, We Have A Problem…

Can’t seem to get caught up, but I finally dragged this report, along with my sorry carcass across the finish line.  Here’s the latest window into my world:


Sunday 11.04.2018

Breakfast: Multigrain cereal (double serving) 360 calories

Lunch: Whipped up another bag of Irish pub soup and tossed a couple of pork chops into it (bag and two chops works out to 2410.  Had one serving, so 482

Dinner: Irish pub soup (964 calories)

Half Coffee: 150 calories

Total: 1956

Bitterly cold on the mountain this morning.  Even with both heaters running full tilt, I’m just this side of teeth chattering.  Not much writing today.  Cats all piled up on the bed,  since I have the electric blanket on.  Spent several hours curled up with them.


Monday 11.05.2018

Breakfast: Pop Tart (400 calories)

Lunch: Polished off the last of the Irish pub soup and making more Mango habanero chili for lunch.  One serving.  Total for the bag is 2160 with two chops, so 432

Dinner: 2 servings of mango habanero chili (864)

Half Coffee: 150

Total: 1846

Still feeling like I’m just going thru the motions here.  Staying cold – heaters running full tilt and for the most part, keeping the chill at bay.  Slightly warmer today, but not much.  Picked at the writing and pretended to make progress.


Tuesday 11.06.2018

Breakfast:  Last of the poptarts. ☹ (400 calories)

Lunch: Mango Habanero chili (864)

Dinner: Mac and cheese and chops for dinner (two servings) total calories 2360 so 944

Half coffee: 150 calories

Total: 2358



Wednesday 11.07.2018

Breakfast: nothing

Lunch: tomato soup (225 calories)

Dinner: tomato soup (225 calories)

Half Coffee: 150

Snack: bag of mixed nuts (675 calories)

Total: 1275

Problem.  When I rolled out of bed this morning, my feet hurt.  Swollen.  At first, I panicked.  That’s exactly what happened just before my heart attack.  I got my happy ass down to the doctor’s office right then and there.

One of the advantages of living in a small town is there’s almost no waiting for an appointment.  BP was shockingly high…doc said it was nearing the stroke zone and immediately wanted to run a battery of tests, which I agreed to.  Should have the results back next week.

In the meantime though, there was talk about upping my meds, but I resisted this, explaining that I was pretty sure of the cause – I’m eating almost exclusively from freeze dried stocks now, which has more salt than I’m used to getting.  It’s too much.

I argued that I should reduce my intake and see if that fixed it.  Doc gave me until the test results were back to get it under control and then we’d revisit the increased BP dose.  Works for me.

So…there’s that.  Eating mostly from freeze dried foods is bad for BP.  I started feeling the first effects of it about a week and a half into it.

Note that the breakfast items don’t have the same sodium content that the lunch/dinner entrees, so they’re not the problem.  Unfortunately, the lunch/dinner entrees represent about a third of my total food supply.  It’s not an unsolvable problem, but I am going to HAVE TO start mixing it up some more.  Starting that now.

I have no intention of pulling the plug on the experiment – at least not yet, but I do have to be more mindful and mix in my canned stocks, which have less sodium, with the higher sodium freeze dried stuff.  If you don’t already have high BP, you probably won’t notice the effects as profoundly, but if you do, it’s something to be mindful of.

Anyway, I started shifting gears right away.  This is not helping my growing sense of depression.  The last of the Pop Tarts isn’t either, although they certainly lasted longer than I imagined they would.


Thursday 11.08.2018

Breakfast: Multigrain cereal (360 calories)

Lunch: Thrive Life chicken salad (80 calories)

Dinner: PB& J (230 calories)

Half Coffee: 150 calories

Total: 820 calories

I don’t even remember what I did today.  That’s even more depressing.  I think I wrote something, but probably just zoned out with whatever movie was playing, which I also don’t remember.  Too cold to go outside.  Not motivated to do anything inside.

The Thrive Life chicken salad is wonderful.  Very small portion but easy to prepare and delicious.  LOVED IT! 🙂


Friday 11.09.2018

Breakfast: nothing

Lunch: Tomato soup (225 calories)

Dinner: two servings of mac and cheese and chops (944 calories)

Half Coffee: 150

Total:  1319 calories

Today was a repeat of yesterday.  I may have written three hundred words.  Finished up an assignment that should have taken half a day and wound up taking three, but no tight deadlines, so I don’t really care.  Yeah, it’s going to impact my long term goals, but I need some serious down time.


Saturday 11.03.2018

Breakfast: Pancakes (double serving) 580 calories

Lunch: finished off the mac, cheese, chops (472)

Dinner:  Mexican (about 1100)

Half Coffee 150 calories

Total:  2302

Sharon came up to rescue me from myself.  Insisted that I take a “cheat day” and get off the mountain for a while.  Had a fajita quesadilla at one of our FOUR Mexican restaurants (7k people in Galax, but we’ve got a staggering four Mexican restaurants – go figure, right?)

The company and getting out of my head for a while helped.  It didn’t fully counter the looming depression, which comes from many sources, including the isolation and the health setbacks, but it sure helped.  She promised to come back sometime next week.  I’m looking forward to that.

It felt weird to go into town and sit down at a restaurant for a meal though.  Almost forgot what that felt like, which I had not expected, after just two months.  Still – it kinda felt as though I was visiting an alien planet.

The writing has been a grind, and I’m having to scale back my ambitions for the month.  Between the depression, the cold, and general exhaustion, I’m just not feeling like burning the midnight oil lately.  That’s going to hurt my long term goals, but I have to resign myself to the fact that not every month can be an epic one.

And that’s that.  It has been a disappointing week, with one notable bright spot.  Not terribly excited to see what next week brings, but the experiment must go on, so…I’ll dig a little deeper and see if I can plow through the current difficulties.



Stuff I’m Watching and Listening To

This week has been “found footage” horror films in the spirit of the Blair Witch Project.  Most of them are horrible, but there have been a few hidden gems.


BP: 142/80 (still too high – working on it)

Weight: 326.5


Standing trade deals

Just the one.  Bust two pallets a month for 2 gals of milk, half a dozen eggs and a venison steak.

Okay – I’m out.


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