My Year Of Eating Like The World Ended Report 7 – And Granny Said ‘Let There Be Pecan Pie!’

Sunday 10.21.2018

Breakfast: Bag of mixed nuts (675 Calories)

Lunch: PB&J (230 calories)

Dinner: PB&J (230 Calories)

Half Coffee: 150 calories

Total: 1285

Slept most of the day.  Got up to eat a bit, adjust the TENS unit, change batteries, and apply liberal amounts of icy hot.  This is going to be a long-damned week.


Monday 10.22.2018

Breakfast: Bag of mixed nuts (675 calories)

Lunch: PIE! (est. 400 Calories)

Dinner: Fixed a bag of mango habanero chili (1150 calories, + 1000 for the added steak) = 2150 total.  Two servings, so 860 calories for the evening

Half Coffee: 150

Total: 2085

Granny felt bad that I got knocked around by the cows – brought over a pie to thank me for my efforts.  Pecan pie.  Mmmm….it felt as though an angel had visited my doorstep….And Granny said, let there be pecan pie!  And it was so.  And it was delicious.

I’m feeling better already and having pie for lunch!

Tuesday 10.23.2018

Breakfast: PIE! (400 calories)

Lunch: 2 servings of chili (860 calories)

Dinner: Last of the chili (430 calories)

Half coffee: 150 calories

Total: 1840

Pecan pie for breakfast is the bestest thing in the whole world.  It made playing the role of bearded pinball totally worth it!  Even better, I’ve combined pie with a piping hot cup of herbal mocha coffee, courtesy of my Guardian Angel, Christine Mallory.

I must confess that I hadn’t expected such decadence during this experiment.  I’m loving it!

After I finish my movie, I’m gonna try to turn the month’s writing around.  Lost several days to outside work and recovery.  Need to try and stay in the chair today and put some money in the bank.


Wednesday 10.24.2018

Breakfast: PECAN PIE! (400 calories)

Lunch: Can of chili (430 calories)

Dinner: Duh…pecan pie of course.  (400 calories)

Making some Chicken A La King – using canned chicken in it.  Second Dinner:  1 Serving (490 calories)

Half Coffee: 150 calories

Total: 1870

Aside from a few mins in the kitchen experimenting with the chicken stuff, today was spent doing writing, writing and more writing.  Still hurts, so I’m having to take frequent breaks, but getting shit done, so that’s something.


Thursday 10.25.2018

Breakfast: More pecan pie! (400 calories)

Lunch: Last of the Pecan pie (400 calories) and a double shot of Chicken A La King (980 calories)

Dinner: Trying some of the white bean and lime chili…just one serving (430 calories) – with steak added

Half Coffee: 150 calories

Total: 2360

I’ve pretty well figured out the secret of the chili.  When you cook a whole bag at once, the total amount of water the company recommends on the back of the bag is 7.5 cups of water.  Five seems to be the sweet spot.  This batch turned out well, although it’s not as tasty as the Mango Habanero.  Still, I’ve got a ton of it…will probably bulk up on this one and save my favorite for later on, or use it to break up the monotony of this one and the canned stuff.

On a side note – I got so excited about EATING the pie that I totally forgot to take a picture of it.  Will delve into my deposit photos account to see if I can find a good approximation.  Not really.  Well…will post a random pic of pie then.  LOL


Friday 10.26.2018

Breakfast: 3 eggs (270 calories) – I’ve somehow gotten a TON of eggs.  Dozen and a half.  Need to start using them up.

Lunch: Tried my fajita lunch from my guardian angel (80 calories)

Dinner: 2 servings of chili (860 calories)

Half Coffee: 150

Total: 1360 calories

Two cool things about the Fajita mix from my guardian angel…first, you can prep it right in the bag.  In fact, that’s what the directions say to do.  I didn’t – put it in my trusty pan and stirred it around, but neat that that’s the expectation.  Second, the amount of water was spot on, so no guesswork!

I didn’t put it in a tortilla…just dumped it in a bowl and scarfed it down.  I’m sad that there’s no more pie, but I am starting to feel a bit better.  Going to at least partially attribute that to the power of comfort food.

Saturday 10.27.2018

Breakfast: Nothing

Lunch: last of the white bean chili (860 calories)

Dinner:  last of the chicken a la king (980 calories)

Half Coffee 150 calories

Total:  1990 calories

Today, I finally put a big writing project to bed.  Took longer than it should have…longer than it normally would have, but I feel like I’ve finally turned a corner.  Next week I should be back to my old self.  This week kinda felt like I was getting by on auto-pilot.



BP: 136/88 (close enough)

Weight: 329 – pie poundage! 😉


Standing trade deals

Just the one.  Bust two pallets a month for 2 gals of milk, half a dozen eggs and a venison steak.


Month End Summary

Since this is the last full week of the month, I’m calling it here and closing the books on the month.  The last few days in October will, at least from an accounting perspective, roll over to next month.

Not bad.  A few setbacks, and the back pain kept me from having as good a writing month as I had been hoping for, but I have no complaints.

In terms of the long-term plan (farm and what comes after) here’s where things stand:

Total Debt: $13,300 (4700 + 1900 + 6700) (down from $13,800).


LTI (Long term Investment) $16,000/$20,000 (up from $14,600 at the end of September) (80% funded)

Moving Money: $115/$4500 (up from $95) (2.5% funded)

Down Payment Fund: $150/$32,000 (unchanged) (0.47% funded)

Next month, assuming continued attractive asset prices, Ima keep hitting the LTI fund hard, and will hopefully be able to add another $2k to that fund, although I’m expecting that the total debts will creep back up a bit in anticipation of Christmas, plus the trip to the dentist on the last day of October.  Still, once I hit my LTI target, all efforts will shift back to eliminating all the debt.

Until next time!



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