My Year Of Eating Like The World Ended (Report 4 – A Few Final Sunsets…)

Sunday 9.30.2018

Breakfast: Cream of Evil (Strawberry Cream of Wheat) (340 Calories)

Lunch: Canned Ham/Mac and Cheese (canned evil) (460 Calories)

Dinner: Pop Tart (400 Calories)

Full Coffee: 300 Calories

Total: 1500 Calories

Got a MAJOR new writing contract.  One of my big clients lost a writer so I’ll be taking over his projects.  I had been writing around the edges of it (office chairs) without even realizing it.  Now, I see the full scope of the project.  Will begin by reworking the stuff that the other guy did.  Tricky, challenging project because I’m basically stepping in the middle of several works in progress.  Will spend the day evaluating and strategizing how best to proceed.


Monday 10.1.2018

Breakfast: Cream of Evil (340 Calories)

Lunch: Canned Evil (460 Calories)

Dinner: Nothing

Full Coffee: 300 calories

Total: 1100 Calories

A crisis in the Kingdom.  Patches rarely meows.  When she does, there’s a problem.  She generally displays displeasure with a flick of her shortish tail and a glower.  She expresses contentment with odd chirping sounds.

Today – she yowled.  Repeatedly.

I called her to me and when she came running, I immediately realized why.

She ran into the door frame and then, smacked into my chair.

Her eyes are getting worse.

The vet said it would happen.  We’ve had two surgeries on her eyes, and she said that if the second one didn’t take (and there was only about a 25% chance that it would), the scar tissue would slowly fill in and she’d go back to being fully blind.

Well – apparently today she crossed that threshold.  She can still see (some), but it’s getting worse and she had a panic.

I spent the next couple hours consoling, and Patches spent the rest of the day attached to my hip.  She sat on the writing desk, forepaws draped over my arm while I wrote.

Nothing I can do for her, and that kills me.  I HATE not being able to fix it.  But, I resolved to make her transition to full blindness as painless as possible, so devised a few fun things we can do together.

Cats use the pads of their feet like we use our fingers, so I’m going to start introducing her to various textures.

Went to the store and bought her a new microfiber blanket.  Put it on “her side” of the bed and she spent the next hour making biscuits on it and then napping.

Took her out “on patrol” and put her on top of the root cellar.  She promptly decided that the asphalt shingles were a great, industrial sized cat back scratcher and sunning spot.  Insisted on getting down by herself, after I played the role of Sonar Operator and tapped the ground, so she could get a sense of the distance.

Then, toward sunset, she and I sat on the porch together to watch the sun fade.  I figure we’ll get in a few final sunsets together before her vision fails completely, and I don’t want her to miss them.  It’s important.  Poor baby. ☹


Tuesday 10.2.2018

Breakfast: Cream of Evil (340 Calories)

Lunch: Fried food Mayhem (2 boxes of cheese sticks) 1000 Calories

Dinner: Nothing

Full Coffee: 300 Calories

Total: 1640 Calories

Went to the grocery store today and bought a little bag of those mini oranges.  Let Patches use them as play toys (interesting texture and smell) and then, when she got tired of them, fed them to the mini-moos (no food for me from the store!).

Busy writing day, but not so busy that we didn’t get another sunset in!

Took delivery of this month’s trade goodies.


Wednesday 10.3.2018

Breakfast: Pork and 3 Eggs (505 + 273) = 778 Calories

Lunch: Cheese Sticks (last box) 500 Calories

Dinner: PB&J (230 Calories)

Full Coffee: 300 Calories

Total: 1808 Calories

Pallet busting, followed by writing, followed by sunset watching, and then more writing.  Patches hovering close again today.

Tried to take a picture of the sunset, but it didn’t come out the way I wanted, so I downloaded a picture from my deposit photos account for the blog.


Thursday 10.4.2018

Breakfast: Pork and 3 Eggs (778 Calories)

Lunch: Fried Food Mayhem (1 box of broccoli bites, 1 box of stuffed mushrooms) (320 + 320) = 640

Dinner: Nothing

Full Coffee (300 Calories)

Total: 1718 Calories

Massive, epic writing day.  Cloudy, so no sunsetting.  Boo.  Instead, Patches and I played with ice cubes.  She considers them mortal enemies for some reason and batted them relentlessly.  Then licked my fingers to try and “cure” the coldness.  Very protective.

Last week, I got my care package from my guardian angel.  My habit is to let the cats have the boxes until they start destroying them, then break them down and recycle them.

Tonight, they used the care package box to play a game.  It’s a game I’ve seen them play before, but not often.  I’m not sure what the occasion was, but tonight was game night.

I have taken to calling this game they invented “Smack My Butt.”  Believe it or not, it appears to have actual rules.  It goes like this:

One cat is “it.”  The “it” cat sits on top of the box.

The other cats circle around, looking for an opening and strike.

Hits scored to the head or body don’t count, but if a hit is scored on the “it cat’s” butt, then that cat is out and the cat that scored the hit takes the box and the game continues.

They’re very egalitarian about it.  Since Patches can’t see very well, she gets credit for near hits.

I get the definite sense that there are other rules and nuances to the game, but my human brain cannot quite grok them.

In any case, it was a fascinating hour. ?


Friday 10.5.2018

Today was fence mending day.  Granny has three baby cows.  Her three “mini moos” knocked down a section of fence and escaped.  Neighbor captured them and put them in his pasture but couldn’t relocate them till we repaired the fence.  I offered to assist, and the venture took about five hours, because after mending the one section, we of course had to walk the fence line to make sure there were no others.

Turns out there was a second, so it got fixed too.

Upon completion, granny invited me to have dinner, which was roast beast (I have no idea what type of beast – not cow or pork – gamey taste, but I didn’t ask), with onions, carrots and potatoes, and pecan pie for dessert.

When I got home, I discovered a new injury.  Nasty bite on my left calf.  No idea where it came from or even when it happened.  I scrubbed it in the shower to open it up, drained it, used peroxide and rubbing alcohol to clean it, let it air dry, then bandaged it up.

I ache everywhere.  Putting the TENS unit on my back and going to bed.

Breakfast: Nothing

Lunch: Nothing

Dinner: Big dinner – Roast Beast and a slice of pecan pie! (easily 2100 calories, all told – just an estimate – I don’t really know)

Half coffee (150 Calories)

Total: 2250 calories for the day


Saturday 10.6.2018

Breakfast: More cream of evil (340 Calories)

Lunch: More evil in a can (460 Calories)

Dinner: Last of the Broccoli bites and Stuffed Mushrooms (640 Calories)

Half Coffee: (150 Calories)

Total: 1740 Calories

As I write this week’s report, I’ve just finished lunch and as usual, it’s sitting like a brick on my stomach, so not planning to have anything for dinner (correction:  Ima make the last of those broc bites and shrooms and pick at them while I write).  Bleh.  I’ll be glad when this nasty food is gone.  Going to publish this, try and knock out some more writing and then get ready for tonight’s sunset with the Patch.

TENS unit still running full tilt.  Achy and sore today, but that’s okay.

Made an executive decision, too.  Going to limit myself to half coffee for a while.  Drinking too much of the stuff and I can feel my BP rising.  Less coffee should help.  And remembering to take my BP meds.  Duh.

Feels like the experiment is hitting stride.  I used up more of my freezer stock (no more fried foods), and there are small gaps beginning to appear in my stash of canned goods.  Still have abundant supplies, but I am mindful that those tiny gaps will only grow over time.

I haven’t felt isolated until yesterday, but…yeah.

Sometimes, it gets lonely up here on the mountaintop.  I think it’s gonna be a long year.


BP: 144/96 (creeping up – stress from the big writing job and the latest injury I guess)

Weight: 330.5

Standing Trade Deals

Still just the one – bust 2 pallets a month and use of my table saw in exchange for 2 gallons of milk, 6 eggs, and a venison steak.

Until next time…



    1. Thank you very much! I’m curious about how it’s going to turn out myself – I can say it’s been an intriguing adventure so far with more twists and turns than I had expected. 🙂

  1. just binge read your posts to date on the TYOELTWHE. I’ve been wondering (for a while) if a serving of (insert name brand here) ‘survival food’ is indeed a serving ad you have answered that question. I’ll be following you closely. Glad you are doing this for the good of all~

    Did I see a mention of a FB group? devoted to this topic? more info please (if you can share that is..)

    finally condolences to the kitty with the failing eye sight, sounds like you are doing all you can.

    1. Hi Martha, and thank you for joining me on the adventure! How did you find my little corner of the web, if not for the FB group? And to answer your question, the group I’m a member of can be found here:

      So far, I’m enjoying the experiment very much. No health issues to report to date – at least none that can be attributed to eating exclusively from my stocks…my own stupidity is another matter, of course. 😀

      To give you a sneak peek as to the next update, I’ve done a massive amount of trading this week, mostly in an effort to help fend off that feeling of isolation. Netted lots of good stuff, and I suspect trades will become all the more important in the months ahead.

      Thank you for the kind words regarding Patches. She’s still in that “adjustment period,” but I’m doing all I can to help make it easier. 🙂

      1. re: where I heard about your experiment. a gal from one of my FB groups (Sisterhood of Prepping on a Budget) started a new post 10/6/18…it read: “I’m looking for a guy in one of groups that said he was going to eat survival food for the next year to see if he could survive on it. Mostly MRE’s. Anybody know that guys name. I wanted to follow his blog?”
        and then someone posted your name and I just googled you and then found your blog. There are several other ladies that are reading your blog, perhaps they are lukers and not commenters.
        Keep up the good work!

        1. Ahhh – did not realize it was being talked about outside the group I’m in…interesting! Fingers crossed that the reporting does not disappoint! 🙂

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