My Year Of Eating Like The World Ended (Report 3, Wastopia Is Going Down)


Breakfast: Cookies! (440 calories) (more of the sand tarts gifted by Sharon, mentioned in last week’s report)

Lunch: Meatballs (yup…just meatballs) (600 Calories) – not included in the ones I bagged for the freezer.  These were also brought up by Sharon for my b-day – mentioned in last week’s report, along with how I compensated for the unexpected boon.

Dinner: 1 Serving of multi-grain cereal (180 calories)

Full Coffee: 300 Calories

Total: 1520 Calories

Drone test flights today, mixed with writing (more office chair reviews).  Too windy to conduct a good test.  I was doing an aerial recon of the big wasp nest and the wind blew it into the house, causing it to emergency shut down.  I’m recharging for another attempt later!

Well – the wind stayed up for the rest of the afternoon, so I attacked the keyboard with gusto and got some more writing banged out, then, just before dark, mounted my first attack on Wastopia…

Armed with a can of Raid with the special nozzle that can shoot up to 20 feet, I began my assault.  Unfortunately, with the wind still up, I had to close to within five feet to hit the target with any concentration.

Nonetheless, before the air defenses rallied, I was able to put about twenty of the little stinging beasts down.  Based on the size of the enclave, I’m estimating easily a couple hundred angry inhabitants, and eventually, they started swarming out in numbers that the spray can couldn’t cope with, so I beat feet back inside.

Will launch a second attack tomorrow.  One way or another, Wastopia is going down!



Breakfast: A heaping helping (double) of Multi-grain cereal (360 calories).

Lunch: Cookies! (440 Calories)

Dinner: Meatballs! (600 Calories)

Full Coffee: 300 Calories

Total: 1700 Calories

My second assault on Wastopia went off about like the first one did.  Approach, spray until their air defenses could rally, then retreat.  Another ~20 casualties for the day.  At this rate, it’s going to be more of a war of attrition…




Breakfast: More multi-grain cereal (360 Calories)

Lunch: Cookies! (440 Calories)

Dinner: DoomSketti! (640 Calories)

Coffee: 300 Calories

Figured out that the best way to eat the multi-grain cereal is to either use half the water and treat it like oatmeal, or to use the recommended water and stick it in the fridge until cool – then, it tastes more like actual cereal.  Both are workable.  I’ll probably mix and match.

The attrition war with the denizens of Wastopia continues…

New recipe invention! DoomSketti!  I used one pack of freeze-dried mac and cheese and two bags of the meatballs Sharon had given me.  The total kit is 2550 calories (with the meatballs).  I ate about a quarter of it, thus the estimate above.

Mike’s kids brought over my second gallon of milk for the month (see trade details below)

Total: 1740 calories



Breakfast: Continuing to grind through the first bag of multi-grain cereal (360 Calories)

Lunch: Last of the cookies (Boo!) (440 Calories)

Dinner: DoomSketti (955 Calories) – half of what I had left

Coffee: 300

Pineapple! (210 Calories)

Total: 2265

Today was a banner day for multiple reasons.  First – today is the day of the final assault on Wastopia.  My sense of it is that the defenders have been sufficiently thinned that I should be able to take the citadel down without too much risk to myself, so it shall be.

Second, I got a super important package today from my “Guardian Angel.”

One of our FB group members (looking at you, Christine Mallory) has been following my experiment with interest.  She’s affiliated with another freeze-dried food company called Thrive Life Freeze Dried Foods and wanted to know if I’d be interested in trying out a few samples.

I could hardly say no to such kindness!

She asked me what I’d prefer main course wise, and then shipped out the package.  It contained the selection I had made, and a dazzling array of other goodies besides (see attached pic!).  I got two lunch selections, two bags of freeze-dried fruit (apples and pineapple), a baggie with spices for the main course, two mayo packets for one of the lunch selections, and a collection of specialty coffees and teas!!

All of it looks fantastic, and I can hardly wait to try it out, but I’m resisting the urge to cook the new stuff up all at once.  My menu isn’t all that varied, so these boons will be parsed out carefully to break up the monotony of the rest of the diet.

Well…for the most part.

The very first thing I did was rip open the bag of pineapple and wolf it down like it was the last pineapple on the planet.  I’ll be doing the same thing to the apples tomorrow.

The coffees and teas I’m going to use sparingly too – my only drinks in the house other than these are coffee and water (the small infusions of milk I’m getting via trade being used in the coffee), so these are real treasures and not to be expended lightly.  Of course, the same could be said of the dried fruit, but…man that was good.

OH!  And a comic book!  Did I mention I got a comic book too?  Fun little read!  Christine – you’re the best!  Thank you!

The Treasure Trove





So anyway, I knew the package was coming either today or tomorrow, and I was super excited by the prospect of its arrival.  That put me in an upbeat mood as I prepared for the final battle with Wastopia.

I opted to leave my video streaming behind for the day, and queued up my massive music playlist, speakers blaring, but – I have no near neighbors so what the hell.

Bob Segar was extolling the virtues of “Old Time Rock and Roll” while I was putting my shoes on.

That gave way to a little ditty about Jack and Diane, which led into Clapton’s classic “I’ve Got A Rock ‘n Roll Heart” (“I get off on ’57 Chevy’s.  I get off on screaming guitar….”  Hellz yeah), and by the time I was ready to begin my assault, a new song had begun playing:  Stealers Wheel’s “Stuck in the Middle With You.”

As it happened, as I was walking across the porch, the mailman drove up, package in hand, so…as I often do, I invented some new lyrics to the song while the mailman was collecting himself and the package to bring it my direction.

I was singing under my breath, “Angels to the left of me, waspies to the right, here I am…” and casting a sidelong glance back at my blind cat patches, added “stuck in the middle with mews!”

Then I thought to myself, “yeah, and that really works too, because ‘mews’ (one of my slang terms for the cats, collectively) sounds like ‘muse’ when you say it, and I’m a writer, so…”

And then I realized why I am still single.  I’m a total geek.  And a dork.  Whatever.

Anyway, I greeted the mailman, thanked him for the package, and delayed the final battle on Wastopia to open it.  I can’t wait to try more of these goodies out!

Once I had inventoried my treasures, I hefted up the chemical cannon and my mighty +4 Oak Staff of Smiting and began my attack.

The final battle of Wastopia was a bit underwhelming.  Having bombarded them for a few days leading up to this attack, their numbers were thinned more than I realized, and they could barely mount a credible CAP, much less a determined defense.

I opened with another round of spray, which took care of the CAP, then whacked Wastopia with the staff, knocking the bottom segment off, revealing a few wasps in the interior.

More chemical bombardment followed, and then, the Staff of Smiting brought the rest of the once mighty citadel down!

A victory for Team Human!

Tomorrow will be cleanup, but for today, I’m going to bask in the glory of success.  Well…and write.  And eat freeze-dried pineapple.  Yeah.

Regarding the new food, I’m going to save the big entrée for Thanksgiving and invite Mike and his family over.  Not sure what I’ll put with it yet – we may turn it into kind of a potluck dinner.  My other roast, maybe?  Who knows.  But by sharing it and using some additional stocks, it should allow me to try it out while not materially inflating my food stocks.

Not sharing the freeze-dried fruits, and not feeling guilty about their addition to the stocks, minor rules infraction or not.  If anybody thinks that’s grossly cheating, they can bite me.  LOL



Breakfast: More multigrain cereal (360 calories) – Finished off my first bag of this.

Lunch: Finished off the Doomsketti (955 Calories)

Dinner: Nothing

Coffee: 300 Calories

Freeze dried apples!  (150 calories)

Total: 1855 calories

An epic writing day – another one to follow tomorrow.  The way the work comes in from my regular clients, the last few days of a month and the first few days of the new month are always a beast.  That starts now.  My hands were screaming by the time I finished today’s writing.  Rubbed arthritis cream on them, updated this report, and collapsed into bed after a fourteen-hour writing day.



Breakfast: Strawberry cream of wheat (340 – double sized serving)

Lunch: Mac and Cheese and Ham in a can (460 Calories)

Dinner: Nothing – breakfast and lunch are sitting on my stomach like lead.  Those are my two least favorite things in the stock.  Ima eat the hell out of them next week to try and thin them out of my stock.  That stuff’s just nasty.  Both counts.  Bleh.

Sixteen hours of writing and it feels like my hands will never open properly again.  Going to bed.

Full Coffee: 300 calories

Total: 1100 Calories



Breakfast: More strawberry cream of wheat – OMG who thought this was good?  It’s like quick-crete with a strawberry aftertaste.  I love most of Valley Foods’ breakfasts, but this one’s an epic fail. If I could go to the store, I’d literally give this away (or maybe use it to patch a cracked retaining wall) and go buy something to replace it with, but…nope.  And I’m not gonna just not eat it, so…down the hatch.  (340 calories)

Lunch: More of that disgusting mac and ham in a can (or as I’ve taken to calling it privately, Ass In A Can (AIAC for short!)…22 cans to go… (460 Calories)

Dinner: Will treat myself to a pop tart (400 calories) later, but after eating the stuff above, I’m not really hungry.  It feels like I’ve got a brick in my stomach.  I’m so looking forward to treating myself to some of the new goodies after I slog through this tasteless dreck I’m eating now.

Full Coffee: 300 Calories

Total: 1500 Calories

So I suspect that next week will not be a happy one.  Massive amounts of writing to do in the days ahead, and I’m intentionally eating the foods I like least.  Something tells me I’m not gonna be a happy camper.

Where the writing is concerned, to give you a sense of scale, I typically do about 3000-3500 words a day for my clients.  The last few days of the month and the first few days of the month (about a week, all told) that skyrockets to 8000-9000 a day, and then goes back to normal.  Yep, it sucks as bad as you think it does.  ☹


Weight: 332

BP: 134/83 (meh…close enough to good)


Standing Trade Deals

Just the one:  Rip apart two pallets and lend Mike my table saw as needed in exchange for 2 gals of milk a month, 6 eggs and a venison steak.  Took delivery of the eggs, steak, and one of the two gallons of milk this week, further bolstering my stores.

Until next time…


Monthly Summary

I know it’s not quite the end of the month, and since the experiment started on the 6th, it’s a bit abbreviated, but – close enough.  So we’ll call it.

So far, I’m enjoying the experiment.  I’m eating well, my spirits are up, and I’ve not faced much in the way of tough decisions or crisis points yet.  I’m sure that will come, but in a way, I’m kinda glad that the first month was fairly smooth.

Already, I’ve learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t, and what needs to change when I do the stock rebuild at the conclusion of the experiment.  If we continue to get data like this as things roll on, I’ll have to call it a resounding success!

I’m also gonna include the financial summary here, since I talked about finances in an earlier report, and I’m adding a goal.  During the course of this experiment, I’m going to track my progress to see how much I can move the needle in terms of getting ready for the farm purchase.

This year has been a tough one.  Expensive car repair, two trips to the hospital, the purchase of the big food stocks and a small loan to push progress forward has caused the total debt to balloon.

Right now, the total stands at $13,800, which is down just a hundred bucks from last month’s total of $13,900 (the big reason it didn’t decline more was the purchase of the freeze dried food stocks for the experiment).

Savings Accounts for the farm stand at:

Down payment: $150/$32,000

Moving money: $95/$4500

LTI (Long Term Investments – infrastructure for the farm, once I get it): $14,600/$20,000

Sadly, not much progress this month, but next month should be markedly better.



  1. You made reference to not having a woman, can’t understand why. Your not hard on the eyes, and you seem to have a good sense of humor. Maybe you just work to many hours? Did you mention how old you were in this experiment? Your readers might be interested in that peace of information.

    I did notice you don’t seem to be mentioning your liquid Intake. When I bought my survival food it came with hot chocolate, grape drink mix, orange drink mix. Water, can’t survive with out water.

    I really enjoy reading your blog and will stay tune for your next great adventure.

    I really enjoy reading your blog and will stay tune for your next great adventure.

    1. Thank you, Kristy! Kind words indeed!
      And you’re almost certainly right – I tend to get wrapped up in my work and before you know it, the whole day’s gone. Of course, up here, with Netflix or Amazon Prime playing in the background (or music, of course!), it’s an easy thing to do! Still, I’ve been getting better about getting up and enjoying my mountain surroundings. Still a work in progress, of course, but improving! 😉

      As to my age, I turned fifty on September 22, so at this point, I’m officially an antique! LOL

      Re: Liquid intake…I drink a TON of coffee, mostly iced, but as the weather turns colder, I’m beginning to enjoy a cup or two of hot before putting it in the fridge. And I try to alternate, so I’m drinking a big cup of (well) water between each cup of coffee, but that’s about it where liquids are concerned – when I’m allowed to go to the store again, I’ll probably get back into the habit of indulging in a diet dew every now and then, and I do have a few packets of hot chocolate as a special treat.

      Unfortunately, the kit of survival food I bought didn’t come with any fun drinks – it was just entrees in two groups, breakfast and lunch/dinner. What company did you buy from that had the drink selections? Ima check that out! 🙂

      1. Ok I’m liking you more every minute. For one we share the same birthday, September 22. I have a few more years on you. As the weather changes my old body is complaining too. Specially my knees. If only we could turn back time and get our fresh young bodies back. Until science catches up with us, we’ll just just have to oil the joints. If you think about it, in the caveman day 30 was old. That makes us dinosaurs. Lol

        I was laughing to when you mentioned the well water. I got a well and a stream with a waterfall. The water in the stream is so cold you can drink it right from there. I know suppose to boil it first, but that’s not much fun. I also eat veggies right out of the garden, no washing. I’m a bad girl. I think of SHTF I’d be around awhile, cause I got a lot of skills.

        I ordered my year supply of food from . I got an awful lot of food for $400. I also bought some from the They carry a lot of emergency foods. Like you my bathroom closet, my bedroom closet and my kitchen is full of food. I agree that the emergency food is just survival food. My year supply probably won’t last anywhere near that. I have can goods and stuff I’ve canned put away. (At least 2 year worth) Let’s not forget the basement full of wine. My crazy friends wine might just save my ass. (She’s not coming back for it)

        As you continue you journey, I’ll continue to read you blog. I find it very interesting.


        1. Mmm…a basement full of wine you say? Sounds fantabulous! 😀 And don’t worry too much ’bout drinking stream water. About a foot of rock is all it takes to filter it pretty well, and if you haven’t gotten sick so far, you’re not likely to. As to the veggies – I’m on that page too…last year when I had my little porch garden, I’d just take them from porch to pan.

          Thank you for the link re: the food – I’ll check them out, and too fun that we have the same birthday! 🙂

  2. I see spell check kicked in for my comment. Don’t mind me, I really can spell. Spell check on the other is debatable. Lol

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