My Year Of Eating Like The World Ended – Report 16 & 17, Cornucopia

This has been a weird couple of weeks.  The holidays delayed getting the report out on time, so I decided to just do a double edition.

After the past two weeks though, the experiment is essentially over.  I got such a huge windfall for Christmas and New Years that there’s no longer any question or doubt that I’ll be able to make it a whole year under the rules of the experiment.

The reason comes down to trade.  I vastly underestimated how powerful trade is as a component of prepping.  I’ve read a lot of people in various groups who insist that they won’t do much, if any trading if some SHTF event happens.  In my view, especially in light of my experiment to this point, that’s a spectacularly bad idea.  Trade has redefined the experiment for me and honestly, made it almost too easy.

I still plan to continue doing it, because I find it interesting on a personal level, but any doubts I once had about my ability to last a year have been completely dispelled at this point.  Here are the details:

Sunday (12.23.2018)

Slightly warmer today than yesterday.  Managed to keep the house warm and my fingers limber, so got a fair amount of writing done.  Pretty sunset but too cold for Patches and I to head to the porch to enjoy.  BRR!

Breakfast: 2 servings of multi-grain cereal (360)

Lunch: PB&J x 2 (460)

Dinner: 2 boxed dinners (lasagna) (540)

Half Coffee (150)

Total Calories: 1710

Monday (12.24.2018)

Christmas Eve and the first of many surprises.  Last year, before I got my meat freezer, Mike and I had gone on a couple of hunts.  I wound up giving him most of the meat simply because I didn’t have anywhere to put it.

This year, he returned the favor.  He and his family headed across the field to my house, each bearing a cooler.

I don’t know how much meat I took posession of today.  Over a hundred pounds, easy.  The shelves are straining under the weight and the freezer is just about at capacity.

It’s fair to say that as of now, I’ve actually got MORE food than what I started out with.  I had been rationing my meat supply to stretch it out.  Now I’ve got such an abundance that I can eat pretty much all I want and still have some to trade.


That’s what it comes down to.  Because I’ve had longstanding trading arrangements (stretching back even before this experiment began), it’s almost too easy.  It’s way more powerful than I gave it credit for, and because of it, the experiment is essentially at an end.  There’s no longer any question of IF I can make it a year.  Of course I can.  Because of trade.

In any case, I’m still planning to continue, but after today’s windfall, the matter just isn’t in doubt anymore.

On top of that, I got another care package from Christine Mallory from the Facebook group.  It contained more of that delicious coffee and COOKIES!  Mmmm…as I’m writing these words, I’m munching on the popcorn ball that was included in the gift.  Thank you, Christine!  You’ve made it a Merry Christmas indeed!

Breakfast: 2 servings of apple oatmeal (360)

Lunch: can of chicken noodle soup (500)

Dinner: can of split pea soup and cookies for dessert (500)

Half Coffee (150)

Total Calories: 1510

Tuesday (12.25.2018)

Sharon and I and her parents talked while I was helping her move.  We basically got things smoothed over, so she’s planning to head this way this evening.

I got up early to knock the work out.  Got a lot done.

Sharon stopped at Sheetz before heading to my house, bringing us both subs for dinner.  She didn’t get here until around 8, so we just had our dinner and lazed about.

I had already given her her Christmas gifts, and she brought several for me – a Google Home Mini from  her (love it!!!) and several things from her parents too, who I had not expected to exchange with…

At any rate, they gifted me two pies (pecan and a Mrs. Edwards Key Lime!), a basket of individually packaged mixed nuts, and a couple of LED lights (oh!   And a badass multi-tool!).  Love them all.  Their way of thanking me for my assistance on the move.  Totally unexpected.

Talked to my mom on Christmas day.  She said she was sending me an electric ice cream churn!  No idea when it will arrive.  One year, my Christmas presents from her arrived on Halloween, two years later, so…maybe it’ll get here and maybe it won’t.  In any case, even though I could buy the salt and stuff to make ice cream without violating the rules of the experiment, I think it would be more fun to trade for what I’ll need, so planning to do that!

Breakfast: one serving of strawberry oatmeal (160)

Lunch: can of chicken noodle soup and cookies for dessert (800)

Dinner: sub and a slice of pecan pie (1200)

Half Coffee (150)

Total Calories: 2310

Wednesday (12.26.2018)

Cold day, but took it off so I could spend it with Sharon.  She had to leave fairly early to get back before the sun set though, and after she had departed, I just couldn’t bear to do any actual work.  Still feeling the amazing aftereffects of Christmas!

Breakfast: 2 servings of apple oatmeal and cookies for dessert (750)

Lunch: venison and salad with Sharon (1200)

Dinner: Can of split pea soup (300)

Half Coffee (150)

Total Calories: 2400

Thursday (12.27.2018)

Breakfast: Cookies! (400)

Lunch: Last of the cookies, followed by a can of split pea soup (700)

Dinner: 2 boxed dinners (meatloaf)  and PIE! (940)

Half Coffee (150)

Total Calories: 2190

Friday (12.28.2018)

Today was basically a repeat of yesterday.  No writing.  Just relaxing and enjoying myself.  It’s been a long year.  Feels good to slow down for a bit, though I cannot allow myself too many days off like this.

Breakfast: 2 servings of multi-grain cereal (360)

Lunch: Can of chicken noodle soup (500)

Dinner: Venison and veggies (1000)

Half Coffee (150)

Total Calories: 2010

Saturday (12.29.2018)

Breakfast: pecan pie! (400)

Lunch: Can of chicken noodle soup (500)

Dinner: Venison and mixed veg and pie (1600)

Half Coffee (150)

Total Calories: 2650

Sunday (12.30.2018)

Tried to get back to the writing, but….uh oh.  The Muse isn’t cooperating.  I tried all the usual tricks to jumpstart it, but there’s’ nothing happening.

That’s not good.  I don’t write, I don’t eat.

Well, okay, given the windfall, that’s not true, but…I don’t write, I don’t keep the rent and light bill paid, and that’s just as bad.  This needs to get fixed.  Soon. 🙁

Breakfast: Loving me some pie for breakfast! (400)

Lunch: PB&J (230)

Dinner: Can of chili and pecan pie (1040)

Half Coffee (150)

Total Calories: 1820

Monday (12.31.2018)



No words will come.  I even sat down and took a stab at writing the weekly report but there’s just nothing there.  It’s like my Muse has just left the building.  I’m kinda starting to panic now.

Breakfast: Pecan pie! (400)

Lunch: Can of tomato soup (200)

Dinner: MEAT.  Just cooked a bunch of meat and ate it as finger food (1200)

Half Coffee (150)

Total Calories: 1950

Tuesday (1.1.2019)

Figured out how to make DoomSketti better.  Making some Mango Habanero chili, but reserving two servings (mostly sauce) to add to the mac and cheese. 😉

Actually managed to get a little bit of writing done, but it was a monumental struggle.  Muse is being VERY uncooperative.

Breakfast: More pie (400)

Lunch: Made a batch of mango habanero chili and  chops (1 serving) (540)

Dinner: 2 servings of chili (1080)

Half Coffee (150)

Total Calories: 2170

Wednesday (1.2.2019)

Back to nothing.  False bounce where the Muse was concerned.  Now I’m super worried.  This is bad.  This is very bad.

Breakfast: More pie! (400)

Lunch: Made a batch of DoomSketti, as described above – I’ve got seven servings of this!  One for now, gonna call it 540 calories, but that’s just an estimate.

Dinner: 2 servings of DoomSketti (1080)

Half Coffee (150)

Total Calories: 2170

Thursday (1.3.2019)

Full on, blind panic meltdown mode.  NO WORDS. 🙁

Breakfast: Endless supply of pie! (400)

Lunch: PB & J (230)

Dinner: 2 servings of DoomSketti (1080)

Half Coffee (150)

Total Calories: 1860

Friday (1.4.2019)


I woke up in the middle of the night with a thousand watt light blazing in my head.

I have no idea where the creative spark went for a few days, but she came back and announced her presence boldly and loudly in the middle of the night.

I was compelled to get up at butt o’clock in the morning and start writing.  The words simply couldn’t come out of my head fast enough.

Glad you’re back, you sexy intangible Muse beast.  Whew.

Breakfast: Last of the pie (400)

Lunch: Can of split pea soup (300)

Dinner: 2 servings of DoomSketti (1080)

Half Coffee (150)

Total Calories: 1930

Saturday (1.5.2019)

Nonstop Writing.

Muse.  Don’t do that shit to me again.  Please?  That scared the hell outta me.   🙂

Breakfast: One servings of multi-grain cereal (180)

Lunch: PB & J (230)

Dinner: Pancake experiment (gonna call this 600)

Half Coffee (150)

Total Calories: 1160


So – long story short:  The experiment’s pretty much a done deal, but Ima keep doing it anyway.  Trade is way more important than most people realize (and way more important than I realized).  If you’re not building trade relationships now as part of your preps, IMO, you’re not prepared.  It’s every bit as important as stockpiling the basics.

Weight is 328 (surprised I didn’t gain more, given all the pie) and my batteries in my BP machine are toast so can’t report that this go.  Will replace and have an update on the next report though!


  1. Hey! Thanks so much for sending your book! I’m looking forward to reading it.

    I find your doomsday diet interesting. I read a lot of post-apocalyptic fiction, even though I’m not likely to survive anything too dramatic. (No thyroid gland, which means without medication, I die. Also, we live in the suburbs of a large-ish city – not optimal for survival of most disasters.) My boyfriend doesn’t share my fascination with the end of the world as we know it, but he and I are both members of Mensa, and we talk about all kinds of stuff. He feels that the people who work together are the ones that will survive. Don’t tell him I said so, but he’s right about most things, so you’re probably on the right track. I think this is a nice idea – that people who don’t play well with others would eventually make up a smaller percentage of society.

    My only hope is to loot the nearest pharmacies before anyone else does – thyroid cancer is common here, possibly due to a nuclear plant incident in the mid-70’s, but assuming I can line up a few decades’ worth of drugs, I plan to barter for his services. He’s very good at fixing things and keeping them running. I can sew, and construct most things, and can learn to do just about anything if I have a good set of written instructions. I wish I were a better gardener. I guess if I didn’t have distractions, I could learn to be. I expect to miss the internet and all the easy access to information, though.

    1. You are very welcome – here’s hoping you enjoy!
      Like you, I’m a big fan of post-apocalyptic fiction. While I can’t say I think the world is actually about to come to an end, I think there are important lessons to learn there, and things to be mindful of, for sure.
      And too right – with your medical issues, it would be a bit of an added challenge, but not impossible, I don’t think.
      Know what you mean about missing the internet if something like that happened though….yeah, that would be sucktastic. 🙁

  2. Sorry for the very long delay in my response, Kristy – the short answer is: No. I just…didn’t have anything to say for an extended period. Saving, keeping my head down and building toward the purchase of a house which will serve as “Play the Planet HQ.” Now that that’s done, I’m back to posting! 🙂

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