More Incremental Progress (3.24.2021)

Today, I met with Brandon McGlothlin, who is trying to establish a lawn care business for himself.  We talked briefly about price and sealed the deal.  Lawn care is now well covered!  Even better, Brandon offered to cut all of the shrubs that are along the house back to stumps in anticipation of the big house siding project, which is one of the first big projects we’ll be undertaking here.  The absence of the shrubs will make their jobs a good deal easier.

I’ve also got a new contact in the form of someone I know only as “Big ‘Un,” who deals in scrap metal.  He’ll be stopping by at some point in the near future to haul off the old oil tank and the four (!) old water heaters that are currently taking up space down in the basement.  Apparently, the plan was, when the old water heater gives up the ghost, buy a new one, hook it up, and just set the old one to one side.  So those will be going away soonish.

Got the estimate on installing central HVAC in the old place.  Fifteen grand.  That sounds high, but for a single unit in an old place, the average span is 6-8k.  Double that for the two units we’re getting (one up, one down) and the estimate is actually right in line with what you’d expect.  That stands to be a big, involved project and isn’t something I can just toss on a credit card, so before we can get going on the big stuff, I’ll need to get the HELOC established.

I’ve been working with Ally McGlothlin (apparently no relation to Brandon) to get the ball rolling and she tells me that the time to completion is generally 30-45 days, so that’s how long it will take to set the conditions to start working on the big stuff.  Right now, the ball’s in my court.  I need to get her some papers (the HUD statement from closing, and two years’ worth of taxes) – I’m currently in the process of filing taxes (just finished personal, still working on PtP’s), so as soon as that’s done, I can bundle everything up, shoot it to her, and then…hurry up and wait, I guess.

Mr. Davis is slated to stop by tomorrow to get the makeshift shower rig hooked up (cool little thing I found on Amazon that adds a shower to a clawfoot bathtub), get the washer and dryer working and attend to a few other little details that’ll just make the house run better.  I’m especially excited about the shower because frankly, I just don’t “fit” in the clawfoot tub, and am rather tired of my experiments with bathtub yoga.  =D

The last of the bins and boxes got unpacked today.  Still have some cleanup to do, but at this point, minus the shower and laundry capabilities, the house is more or less functional.  Here are a couple of shots of the house minus the shrubs around the side:

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