Library: Shelter2.0


Shelter 2.0 is an entire building that can be cut out using the ShopBot I’m planning to buy for inclusion in the upcoming FabLab on The AugR Farm.

The building is offered under the creative commons license found here.

Instructions for using the toolpathing files, are here (Google Doc).

Building instructions can be found here.

Also, full assembly instructions found here:

The ShopBot files.

Partworks files for generating your own part file.

DXF files, laid out on 4′ x 8′ sheets and ready to be toolpathed in your CAM software.

A utility to convert Shelter 2.0 files from sbp_to_gCode.

One of the few criticisms of the plans from Open Source Ecology was that these would need to be built on raised platforms to help prevent rot. That would work, but if water is the real danger, then my thinking is to simply spray on a coating of this stuff.

So…yeah. A building. 🙂



EDIT: Here’s a demonstration of the nanoparticles in action.

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