Everything We Need To Change Everything About The World, Is Here…

As people who have been following my work know, I do not consider myself to be an “inventor.”

That’s because I’m not.

None of the core concepts behind Play the Planet are new. I liken what I “do” in my role as The Architect to walking through a field of wildflowers.

In this field are countless thousands of individual flowers of amazing variety. Each of them is unique, and each offers some special brand of magic to the world.

The trick then, is to pick a bouquet of flowers that combines their individual essences into a cohesive whole in a way that creates something “new.” A new configuration that has never been seen before.

I could make a trip to the local “pick and pull” salvage yards, and select a sufficient number of individual parts from the junk yard to assemble my very own, highly personalized, fully functional automobile. A “model” that has never been seen before in the world, and yet – all I’m really doing is using recycled parts to BUILD my new creation.

Play the Planet is no different.

The world is littered with ideas. We are positively AWASH in outstanding individual ideas. The trick is in taking those ideas and bringing them together in new and innovative ways.

Think of an iPhone.

There’s no technology inherent to an iPhone that is in any way radical or new.

Phones are well understood technology. As are personal computers. As are the programs we run on them. Same story with speakers and digital cameras, and yet…when you assemble those parts and pieces together in just the right way, magic happens and you GET an iPhone.

I’m going to post a series of links below. These links, in conjunction with the planned prototypes on the drawing board that will be built on the ten acres of land I’ll be buying, are literally everything we need to completely transform the world. To solve for all of those seemingly intractable problems.

I believe this with every fiber of my being, and I have never been more optimistic about our future.


Sixth Sense:


Oculus Rift

The Google Cardboard Project (and integrating it with Unity3d):


What can you achieve when you combine these technologies with the framework of Play the Planet?

Anything. Literally.

The entire world becomes augmented reality, and anything is possible.


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