eBook: Production

Production is primarily about two things – FabLabs and housing. FabLabs are “microfactories” of networked equipment (laser cutters, CNC mills, 3d printers, etc) that can make almost anything you can imagine. Modeled after the MIT design (Gershenfeld’s course “How to Make (almost!) Anything” they are the future of (decentralized) manufacturing.

Housing is, of course, a key component of the Network, and our goal is to investigate low-cost housing options for our members so that EVERYONE has a shot at home ownership. There are other components, of course, but the initial thrust of this section will be focused on those two areas.

Blueprint Reading Construction Drawings for the Building Trade

Shipping Containers & Their Uses In Construction
Catalog of Military Habitats (JOCOTAS)
Container Buildings, 1st Edition
Container Buildings, 2nd Edition
Container Buildings, 3rd Edition
Fermi Stress Test
Military Handbook

Tiny Homes
00, Thompson Backyard Smoker
01, Moschata Rolling Bungalow
02, The Sago Bungalow
03, Ash
04, Beekeeper’s Bungalow
04a, can be used with any, Doric Pillar
06, Poplar
07, Forest Rose
08, Borealis
09, Tethys Shipping Container House
10, Hestia
11, The Madrona
12, Pistacia
13, The Lupine
14, Sea Thistle
14a, Seas & Trees Shed
14b, Seas & Trees Garage
15, Desert Rose
15a, Desert Rose (Garage)
18, The Hydrangea
19, Fargesia Update
19a, Fargesia
20, Tamarack
21, The Ladder House
22, Dahlia
23, Iris
26, Cottonwood Cottage

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