eBook: Agronomy

This section contains a variety of materials related to the production of food, which is, of course, a major component of sustainable living. The materials you’ll find here are geared toward small footprint farming and gardening, mostly relying on grow towers, raised beds, greenhouses and aquaponics systems. The major goal here is not JUST to give you, the reader, the ability to grow most, if not all of your own food, but to do so in an efficient manner that doesn’t make it a huge time sink. Every bit of material you’ll find here was selected with those goals firmly in mind.

Aquaponic/Hydroponic Systems

Plants – Basic Hydroponic Setup

Food Preservation



The Complete Book of Self Sufficiency

Greenhouses & Greenhouse Gardening

All New Square Foot Gardening
Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Greenhouses & Garden Projects
Greenhouse Gardener
Growing Under Glass Choosing and Equipping a Greenhouse, Growing Plants
Optimal Control of Greenhouse Cultivation
Plant Nutrition of Greenhouse Crops,(2009)BBS
Scientific Greenhouse Gardening
The 4 Foot Farm Blueprint
The Earth Sheltered Solar Greenhouse

Hunting & Trapping

The Trapper’s Guide

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