Weekend Update – 3.20.21 (Brass Tacks)

So, a lot of the early updates won’t really have anything to do with the aims and goals of Play the Planet, and will be more about actually getting the house up and running so we can focus on Play the Planet.  That’s a necessary first step, just as actually buying a place was essential before anything could happen.

With that in mind, the two big pieces of progress that occurred over the weekend were the delivery of the fridge and the stove.  We can now store food and cook it later, which is…pretty handy whether you’re playing the planet or not.

Once again, the dynamic duo of Chris and Alex saved the day, making a heroic 6+ hour drive to get said stove and drop it off at the house.  The original plan saw it being delivered Friday evening, but that turned into a Saturday morning delivery because of a few “road shenanigans” that cropped up along the way (some guy ran into them, so time spent sorting stuff out with the local constabulary forces, and then, running out of gas when they hit a gasoline desert).  So – a few challenges to be sure, but the guys were on it and they took a bit of rest overnight and got the stove here this morning.  Thank you again, Chris, Alex, and Landmark Moving Services!

I’ll be calling the HVAC folks today to schedule a time for them to come out and give me an estimate on installing a central heating and air conditioning system in the old house, and I’ve got an appointment slated for Monday at 10am to talk to a banker about getting the HELOC set up so we can start planning (and paying for) the larger renovation projects that are necessary, first and foremost being, protecting the exterior and shoring up the bits of existing damage.  There’s not a lot of existing damage, but let’s nip it in the bud while the problem is still a small one.  More to come!

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