So What Can The FabLab Make?

I get that question a lot when I start talking about this stuff. Most people have this idea in their heads that these machines are just really expensive toys. That using them, you can make cell phone cases, and a few trinkets and toys that little kids will play with, but not a lot else.

To that end, I’ve decided to create a virtual library of plans for actual stuff I’ll be building, once the version 1.0 lab is operational. Eventually (once I get the PtP main site working again), these things will go there, and be available for all network members to download. Members of the FabLab will be able to order parts direct from the site, and simply swing by to pick them up.

Originally, I had planned to put all of the products here, on a single page, but I think it makes more sense from an organizational standpoint to give each one its own post. Besides, while putting them all on a common page makes sense for a very small number of items, over time, I anticipate that this list will grow quite large, and that would become ungainly.

I don’t have a set timetable here – I’ll just add stuff as I get to it, but once you start seeing posts appearing with the “Library” category and tag, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the variety.


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