My Year Of Eating Like The World Ended Report 15 – Kill Da Wabbit

This was a frustrating, sad week, but despite those two things, I did manage to make some good progress.  December is turning into a fairly epic month.  One week to go, so I’ll see if I can continue the trend.  Here’s how this past week went:

Sunday 12.16.2018

Slept late.  Was enjoying the warmth of the blankets, so I missed breakfast entirely.  Finally got myself moving, had lunch, and hit the writing hard.  Sunny today, and unseasonably warm.  Snow melting quickly now.

Tom came and went, creating a ruckus every time he put in an appearance.  They’ll settle in, I’m sure.

Taking out some chops to put in another big batch of Frankenchili (which is a bag of the white bean chili, plus two cans of chili) – the white bean chili is okay…it’s just bland.

Breakfast: Nothing.

Lunch: Bowl of tomato soup (120 with crackers)

Dinner: Chicken noodle soup (500 calories)

Half Coffee: 150 calories

Total: 770 calories


Monday 12.17.2018

Made a batch of Frankinchili in the morning, right along with breakfast, then got down to the business of the day.  A solid day spent writing, so I actually knocked off early, unaware that there was cat drama in the works.

Bella, apparently feeling threatened by Tom’s more frequent visits, felt it necessary to prove her worth to the pride.

She did that by going on a hunt.

I don’t know where she found the rabbit.  Maybe the warm weather of the day lured him out of hiding.  Don’t know for sure.  What I DO know is that I was awakened in the middle of the night by what sounded like a human scream.

It’s always quiet up here.  Sounds like that just don’t happen, so when it did, my ass was up and out of the bed in an instant.

I suppose it made quite a sight.  Half-naked, bearded giant with an enormous machete in one hand (grabbed it on the way to the living room), blinking the sleep out of my eyes as I stared around for the source.

It had been IN the house.  I was sure of that.  But where the hell was it now?

It came again, muffled this time, from under the desk by the window that the cats use to get in and out of the drawbridge.

Okay, so not a human.

I got down on my knees and peered under.

In addition to some dust bunnies the size of wolverines, I spied Bella and her still kicking prey.

Reached in and grabbed her by the scruff, hauling her out from under the desk, relying on the fact that she was unlikely to let go of her prize, so it would wind up coming out into the open too.

That worked as planned.

The other two cats were already circling, so I didn’t have long to take in the scene.  The rabbit was done for.  I won’t get too graphic, but there was no way he could be patched up and sent back out into the wilds.  And he was suffering.  I didn’t much like that.

Bella was unhappy, but I took her prize from her and carried him to the sink, grabbing my army knife en route.

Put him out of his misery, then skinned him.  Waste not.

Shed a tear for his suffering, but that’s life (And death) on the mountain.

I thanked the rabbit for giving his life to help us through the winter, then gave the cats a treat, praised Bella for her hunting prowess, put more meat aside for the cats for the next day too, put the rest in a pan, cooked it up, and added it to the Frankenchili.

Breakfast: 2 serving of multi-grain cereal (360 calories)

Lunch: Split pea soup (300 calories)

Dinner: 1 serving of Frankenchili 600 calories

Half Coffee: 150

Total: 1410 calories


Tuesday 12.18.2018

Still unseasonably warm.  More meat for kitties, more chili for me, and another strong writing day.  Last night with the rabbit kinda knocked me off my game.

Breakfast:  2 servings of Strawberry Oatmeal (180 calories)

Lunch: 1 serving of Franken chili with a side of veggies (700 calories)

Dinner: 2 servings of Frankenchili (1200 calories)

Half coffee: 150 calories

Total: 2230 calories


Wednesday 12.19.2018

I had previously offered to help Sharon get her stuff moved, so drove down to do that.  Spent the day.  Got back too tired to do much besides fall into bed.

Breakfast: 2 servings of apple oatmeal (360 calories)

Lunch: Got a sub (600 calories)

Dinner: 2 servings of Frankenchili (1200 calories)

Half Coffee: 150 calories

Total: 2310 calories


Thursday 12.20.2018

Colder today but not bad.  Still enough snow that when the UPS guy came this evening, he didn’t want to venture to the end of the road where Mike lives, so left the package at my house instead.  That’s not uncommon.  Most of the townies get nervous when coming into the holler, even when the roads are good.

I pinged Mike and he stopped off to pick them up, then paid a brief visit to Tom, who was lounging in the cat bed on the desk.

Breakfast: 2 servings of Brown Sugar and Maple Oatmeal (360 calories)

Lunch: 1 bowl of steamed veg (finished up the bag I opened yesterday) (200 calories)

Dinner: Finished off the Frankenchili (600 calories)

Half Coffee: 150 calories

Total:  1310 calories


Friday 12.21.2018

Starting to turn cold again.  Left both heaters running all night and it mostly kept the chill at bay.  Starting to run out of steam on the writing front.  Still inching forward, but more slowly now.

Breakfast: Can of tomato soup (200 calories)

Lunch: 2 boxed dinners (rigatoni) (540 calories)

Dinner: 1 serving of meatloaf (boxed dinner) (270 calories)

Half Coffee:  150 calories

Total:   1160 calories


Saturday 12.22.2018

A slow day.  Unmotivated, cold, and not feeling it.  Binge watched Amazon Prime (a show called Regenesis and a heart wrenching movie called “Love, Kennedy”).  Calling it a win.

Made my big main course – The Simple Plate Tuscan Style Beef from my care package.  Delicious!  It even came with spices and stuff, all individually packaged.

Pretty easy to cook too, and what I ended up with even looked a lot like the picture on the box.  Originally, I had planned to eat half today and half tomorrow, but liked it so much that I wolfed the whole thing down.  YUMMMM! 🙂

Breakfast: Two servings of brown sugar/maple oatmeal (360 calories)

Lunch: Can of tomato soup (200 calories)

Dinner:  Tuscan-Style Beef! (1000 calories)!

Half Coffee: 150

Total:  1710 calories


BP: 127/ 84

Weight: 326


Standing trade deals

Just the one.  Bust two pallets a month for 2 gals of milk, half a dozen eggs and a venison steak.

Slogging thru.



        1. Just chained myself back to the writing chair and caught up on all the requests – you should have it now. 🙂

  1. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I saw you Quora post. I bought the book, I like to support indie stuff when I can, but I thought it might be helpful to you to know it’s driving you some traffic. 🙂

  2. Hi I’m from Quora and was wondering if I could get your book! Sounds really exciting. Could you send a copy?

  3. Has the experiment ended? Haven’t seen any of your posts for awhile, was worried your blood pressure got the best of you. Take care!

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