My Year Of Eating Like The World Ended Report 13 – First Snow.

Oh.  My.  God.  I managed to go an entire week without hurting myself in some form or fashion!  I almost don’t know what to do with myself, but I’m liking it very much!

I can hardly believe it, but this experiment is officially 25% over.  Doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, but…yeah.  Pretty cool.  I think I got this!

This week was short on excitement, and only medium on progress, but it was a nice change of pace from the past couple of months, where I basically felt as though I was stumbling from one misadventure to another.  Here are the details:

Sunday 12.2.2018

After two days of epic writing, I spent most of Sunday just lounging around and relaxing.  Gave my eyes more of a chance to heal.  Spent most of the day listening to music and playing with the cats, although I did go on a scouting run and found two shipping pallets for Mike.  Busted those, plus the two Mike had for me (this, in exchange for the emergency cat sitting his kids did for me while I was away).

Took delivery of this month’s trade goods, but Mike was cleaning out his freezer, so instead of venison, I got a Kielbasa and a pack of Italian sausages.  Planning to add those to a chili sometime this week.

Top hits for the day:

  • Frank Foster’s “Rowdy Reputation” (which has kinda become my new theme song – if you haven’t heard him before, here’s a handy link!  IMO, dude sounds better sitting in the locker room of the oil rig he works on than a lot of people do in the studio.
  • Kenny Wayne’s “Blue on Black”
  • Bob Seger’s “Against The Wind”

Breakfast: Multigrain cereal (one serving) 180 calories (note: still mixing this with my wretched strawberry cream of wheat so I don’t have to endure it – and it has the advantage of stretching the stuff I do like!)

Lunch: Salad! (about 500 calories)

Dinner: Thanksgiving leftovers (about 1000 calories)

Half Coffee: 150 calories

Total: 1830 calories


Monday 12.3.2018

Okay, vacation over.  Time to get back to it.  A steady, but unremarkable day.  Got to enjoy another sunset with the Patch, too!

Wound up “channel surfing” a lot – nothing really struck my fancy on Amazon Prime.

Breakfast: 1 serving of multi-grain cereal (180 calories)

Lunch: More salad (about 500 calories)

Dinner: More Thanksgiving leftovers (about 1000 calories)

Half Coffee: 150

Total: 1830 calories


Tuesday 12.4.2018

Another steady, unremarkable day.  Paid a few bills, including rent, but besides that and the writing, nothing much happened.  Knocked off a bit early to read, all snuggled up under the electric blanket.  Cold enough to run both heaters, but they’re doing a good job at keeping the chill off the house.  That’s good enough for me.

Breakfast:  Nothing

Lunch: Apocalypse Pizza (had some leftover peperoni, so made two of my grilled cheese and pep sammiches) (220 Calories)

Dinner: Finished off the Thanksgiving leftovers (about 1200 calories)

Half coffee: 150 calories

Total: 1570 calories


Wednesday 12.5.2018

Sharon coming up for a visit this evening, so got up early to knock out the day’s work.  She arrived around dinnertime, bringing more salad makings.  Gave her two of her presents, the Thinq 7 and the book, “Griffin and Sabine.”  She loved both!

She loves shopping in ways that I don’t, but I enjoy watching her have fun, so we made the rounds, hitting the Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart.  She wanted to redecorate my little farmhouse, starting with the bathroom, so she picked out a new shower curtain, curtain, and a few odds and ends for that room, and I purchased her selections.  She spent the evening playing with the newness.

Breakfast: 2 servings of Multigrain cereal (360 calories)

Lunch: Nothing

Dinner: Big salad (900 calories)

Half Coffee: 150 calories

Total: 1410 calories


Thursday 12.6.2018

I took today off from writing and enjoyed the day with Sharon.  We slept late, went for a drive, and generally goofed off.

Ended the day with a venison/veg dinner.

Weather report says there’s a winter storm coming.  Initial estimates are calling for 8-10,” with the snow starting as early as tomorrow.  Sharon headed back to the lowlands after dinner, and I battened down the hatches.

Breakfast: Multigrain cereal – 2 servings (360 calories)

Lunch: Nothing

Dinner: Venison/Veg (about 950 calories)

Half Coffee: 150 calories

Total:  1460 calories


Friday 12.7.2018

No snow yet, but cold.  There’s a change in the air.  It’s definitely coming.

Spent the day writing and making sure my preps are all in order.  Left the faucets dripping, opened the cabinet doors under the kitchen sink, got my flashlight and water purification tabs where I can reach them if needs be.  Candles in position in each room in case the lights go out.  All set.

Invoiced the day’s work and went to bed early.  Taking a much more measured pace to things this week.  Sometimes it leaves me feeling as though I’m not making enough progress, but also, I’m not exhausting myself or getting burned out.

Still no snow…

Made a big pot of chili tonight, using the snausages mentioned before.  I’m calling this “Frankenchili” because it’s made with the sausage, a bag of the white bean and lime chili from Valley, and 2 cans of chili from my canned stocks (so seven servings in this batch) – total calories here are an estimated 2100 + 1280 + 800 = 4180).

Breakfast: Can of split pea soup (240 calories)

Lunch: Rigatoni boxed dinner (270 calories)

Dinner: PB&J x 2 (460 calories)

Half Coffee:  150 calories

Total:   1120 calories


Saturday 12.8.2018

It didn’t start snowing until late last evening, so the pictures are actually from this morning (Sunday morning) but the promised snow has indeed arrived.  I’ve seen a few flurries so far this year, but this marks the first actual accumulation, so I’m calling this First Snow.

The light had a beautiful, unearthly blue quality to it.  Loved it.  That, paired with the silence was heaven, and reminded me of why I moved up here.  This is my kind of living.

As for the day itself, it was moderately productive, and I didn’t feel like having any noise, so I just ran without music or vids playing today.  Got a fair bit done and when the snow started, Patches and I sat on the porch in the cold for a bit, watching the flakes come down.

Here are a few pictures of what I woke up to Sunday morning.  As I finish this post, the snow is still falling, harder now than it was earlier in the morning.  My one road off the mountain is sure to be impassable at least for a few days, but no matter.  I’m secure in my little farmhouse and am well-supplied.  Let it snow!






Breakfast: Grilled cheese (230 calories)

Lunch: 1 serving of Frankenchili (600)

Dinner:  1 serving of Frankenchili (600)

Half Coffee: 150

Total:  1580 calories

Again, this week didn’t win any awards in terms of excitement, but honestly, I’m kinda glad about that.  I’ve had plenty of excitement in recent months.  I could do with some unexciting weeks!



BP: 128/80 (best it’s been in a while!)

Weight: 324.5


Standing trade deals

Just the one.  Bust two pallets a month for 2 gals of milk, half a dozen eggs and a venison steak.

On The Road To  Recovery!



This is an update to the financial stuff.  Because of the way invoices hit this month, I found myself with a big influx of cash on the second of December, and was able to put the last $2k into the Long Term Investment fund (LTI) very early in the month, so that’s done, and a major plank of my long term plans in place, whoohooo!

Now, all attention is turning on getting the rest of the bills paid this month, saving money for January’s bills, and hammering the crap out of some debt!



  1. Thanks Mark, and sorry for taking so long to respond. Been prepping for the next big adventure and have just started posting regularly again. 🙂

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